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Welcome to NorthStar Financial & Retirement Planning.  We hope you'll find this site helpful as a resource to your current or upcoming retirement needs.

NorthStar Financial & Retirement Planning headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina is an independent retirement planning and investment firm. Our mission is to provide efficient and secure investment strategies to both individual and institutional investors.

We do not charge commissions for any sales, trades, or investment transactions inside our managed portfolios, as is common with broker dealers. This method of compensation is important, as it puts our client’s interests first. Our clients can remain 100% confident that any investment recommended to them will be based on how we determine it will meet their financial objectives best.

As Investment Advisor Representatives, we hold a fiduciary responsibility to our clients. This is important when seeking counsel for your financial well-being.

~ George Fossing, President

Our Beliefs: 

1. Retirement should not include financial drama.

2. Our clients have worked and saved their entire lives.  They deserve a stable, comfortable, and independent retirement.

3. We owe it to our clients to help them get as close to the zero percent tax bracket as possible during their retirement years.

 Our focus and expertise:

  • Conservative Investment Strategies
  • Lifetime Income Planning
  • Bonds, Notes, Bank CD's
  • Social Security Maximization Planning
  • Legacy Planning: Minimize tax consequences for your beneficiaries
  • Long-Term Care Planning strategies.
  • Multi-Generational IRA's
  • Life Insurance
  • Fixed and Fixed Index Annuities

Meet our Advisors and Associates

Jamie McArthur
Associate Advisor

Want to maximize

your Social Security?

Listen to "Stop Worrying, You're Retired!" with host George Fossing - Investment Advisor Representative and President of NorthStar Financial. Show airs Thursdays from 9:05 to 10:00 a.m. EST on 1450 AM WHKP Hendersonville or streaming online.                      

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